The NexusUVC™

Shield your website from bot invasions with NexusUVC™, the User Verification Challenge meticulously designed by NexusPIPE.

UVC is your barrier against intruders and your gateway for genuine users, creating an effortless, smooth experience. With UVC, security becomes stress-free, leaving you more time to focus on what matters - your users.

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Built to be effective and swift

The style of the CAPTCHA we use was purposefully designed to be extremely user friendly without sacrificing any security whatsoever.

NexusUVC™, as secure as traditional CAPTCHAs, lets your users glide through security by simply sliding a puzzle piece. No stress, all security.

Catering to all users, including those with visual impairments or disabilities, NexusUVC™ ensures a seamless, frictionless experience for everyone.

Time is precious. NexusUVC™ respects that, averaging just 2 seconds per completion, a stark contrast to the 10-15 seconds with other services. Experience speed and security with NexusUVC™.

Privacy First

NexusUVC™ prioritises your privacy. With no unnecessary logging and full compliance with global data laws, our focus is solely on whether users navigate the UVC successfully.


Say goodbye to bumpy security checks. NexusUVC™ offers a seamless and rapid solution, halting bots and welcoming genuine users with open arms.


No user left behind. NexusUVC™ operates seamlessly across all browsers and operating systems, and we're continually improving accessibility on assistive devices.

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NexusPIPE uses CAPTCHA as a last resort for its UVC

NexusPIPE ensures your business flows undisturbed with our bot detection system. Using subtle challenges like device fingerprinting, cookie challenges, and JavaScript challenges, we filter out the bad while barely leaving a footprint. NexusUVC™ CAPTCHA steps up only when necessary, making it a rare encounter for your users. Our proactive measures mean fewer disruptions and an even smoother user journey.

With NexusPIPE, security is no longer a reactive game. Our system anticipates threats, reducing the likelihood that genuine users will face CAPTCHAs due to attacks.

Get your hands on leading security and protection for your websites.